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“when the enthusiasm fades, you start using words that are dead, that stifle you like ash burying you. so you must react, shake it up; you have to dive into yourself and recreate, reinvent almost everything to escape the dead things that crush you.” le joli mai


i received my mfa in poetry at temple university. my first books, like a dog, is available through punctum books. some of my writing has been published in a shadow map: an anthology by survivors of sexual assault,  FENCE, dreginald, entropy, bedfellows, the tiny, crab fat magazine, and aglimpseof. i have three years of facilitation experience.

i talk about my creative process, as well as the workshops i offer in the 6th episode of the write space podcast

my story

i began writing to tend to a wound. and as i wrote, the wound opened. and as i wrote, i was told that i wasn't supposed to be writing about the wound. i was told that the wound was meant to be secret, internal, never discussed, never made public. but the more i wrote about the wound and the more i found others' art that was about the wound, the more i felt certain : certain that i had to speak up about the wound because the wound wasn't just my wound - it was a wound that so many others had experienced. and the wound was harder to heal the more alone in it i felt. so i kept writing about the wound in the hopes that others who were wounded would find relief and comfort because if they read my writing, they would know they were not alone, too.

as i grew into myself as a writer and began to take classes, pursue my mfa, and try to get my work published, i noticed new wounds opening. wounds bound up in fear, in grief. wounds bound up in myths about what it meant to be a creator and myths about what creative process was supposed to look like. the harder i tried to fit my creative process into what i thought it was supposed to look like, the less i was able to create at all.

reinventing creative process

reinventing creative process began the same way my writing did. i needed to tend to a wound. and i hoped that by tending to my own wound publicly, others with similar wounds would feel relief and comfort that they were not alone. i designed the workshops that i needed and found that others needed them too. 

reinventing creative process is an invitation to shake it up, to recreate and reinvent our creative processes. by facing our creative wounds, by allowing those wounds to move through our minds, hearts and bodies, new space is opened for vibrant creativity. my offerings are designed to support creators in finding more embodied, pleasurable and emotionally safe ways to create. 

reinventing creative process is similar to my writing and art. it cross-pollinates with other forms of healing and creates connections, asks deep questions, and posits that exploration is perhaps a more transformative path than a specific destination or answer. 

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