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reinventing creative process workshops focus on recreating and re-envisioning our creative processes so that they are more embodied, pleasurable and emotionally safe. mindfulness, meditation, and somatic/emotional healing modalities are incorporated into my workshops, along with generative practices, collective exploration, collaborative experiments, and after-session guided exercises.

“i was so appreciative for the time i got to spend in this workshop. it was a highlight of each week because it reconnected me with peace, mindfulness, and creating. also i’m writing again! which has been the best part of all — i haven’t written is so long and this workshop showed me a way back in.”

upcoming workshops

finding & nourishing pleasure in your creative practices: march/april 2023


creative energy can be pleasurable and playful, however our creative practices sometimes become anxiety-provoking, disembodying, fear-inducing, stagnant, and overly serious.


in this six-part experiential workshop, we’ll explore why our creative practices move away from pleasure and how to root into pleasure as both a creative act itself and as a means of grounding our other creative practices.

through meditation, mindfulness, movement and writing exercises, we’ll spend our time together:

  • arriving in the present moment by scanning our emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations and surroundings

  • discovering what yes, no and maybe feel like in our bodies and minds, so we can notice when these feelings arise while creating

  • finding and nourishing sensations of pleasure in our bodies and minds

  • slowing down our creative practices so that we are aware of any pleasure (and displeasure) in our bodies and minds

  • cataloguing pleasure between workshop sessions so we learn to notice pleasure in our daily lives

  • exploring displeasure in our creative practices together and supporting one another’s efforts to recreate our creative practices so they hold more room for pleasure.

this workshop will have no more than 12 people in it. workshop sessions will take place on the following sundays: 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23 from 3-4:45p MT (5-6:45p ET, 2-3:45p PT).

the fee for all six workshops is on a sliding scale of $175-275. there is one scholarship spot available.


please register for the workshop on eventbrite. registering will sign you up for all six workshop sessions. you can pay the sliding scale fee through venmo @Lauren-Samblanet or you can email me at for a scholarship spot (available until filled). please know that you can register for the workshop now but pay later, as long as payment is received prior to the start of workshop. i am also open to receiving payment installments at a pace that feels financially comfortable for you, as long as you email me to discuss this and the first installment is received prior to the start of workshop. 

if you have chronic illness or current/ongoing mental health conditions and you have flare-ups during one or more of the workshop dates, please let me know so i can find a separate time to meet with you. we’ll go over the activities you missed in workshop together. this also applies for those who end up having emergencies during workshop. i want to ensure that everyone who signs up is able to experience the workshop fully, so i am happy to meet with you outside of workshop times if flare-ups or unexpected, urgent situations pull you away from workshop.

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