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creative process support

more intimate than workshops, creative process support is for individuals and collaborators who seek to enter a new relationship with their creative processes. if you are feeling blocked, uninspired, afraid, unable to discern your gut impulses, and/or disconnected from pleasure and playfulness, though creative process support, i offer the space and care to move through these feelings and to reinvent your process in ways that make you feel enlivened, safe and present.

how i'll support you


to receive my creative process support, you'll select an option below which will give us a starting place and set the number of times we'll meet to explore your creative process. all types of support are available for individuals and collaborators. fill out the form, then expect an email from me soon after with information about scheduling, payment, and follow-up questions to allow me to better guide our first session. i can meet with you in-person if you are in the boulder-area or online via zoom. each session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. i currently have availability to meet during the evening monday-friday and during the morning and afternoon saturday and sunday.


during our first session, we will establish safety together, ground into the present moment as a way to access your deepest creative dreams, and examine your current creative process. after each session, i will provide you with guided creative experiences that you can play with between sessions. each session will build upon the last while also offering new seedlings that you can nourish as part of your practice.

support offerings

select an offering below based on your desired focal point and number of sessions for support, then fill out the form. i will respond to you by email soon after receiving your completed form so we can start our journey together.



for those of you who feel disconnected from pleasure while creating or for those who have taken my finding & nourishing pleasure in your creative practices workshop but want to continue your pleasure journey. we'll co-create pleasure practices for your process while also gaining clarity on what blocks you from pleasure currently.

5 sessions

sliding scale $625-750



for those of you who are feeling blocked, overwhelmed and/or fearful about a current creative project. we'll discuss the project in depth, your process up until this point, and the emotions & sensations that arise as you think about the project. then, we'll open to the current of your creativity, seeking ways to allow flow, playfulness and pleasure to guide your project.

6 sessions 

sliding scale $750-900



for those of you who are curious about deeply shaking up and reinventing your creative process. we'll take a close look at your current process and the emotions and sensations that drive it. then, we'll playfully consider what parts of your process may need to be recreated to better allow you and your art to flourish.

10 sessions

sliding scale $1,250-1,500

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