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this is a place for healing,

for pleasure,

for play.

this is a place to remember.


when our creativity is wounded, our hearts are wounded.


this is a place to face and move through our creative wounds and fears.

this is a place to reinvent,

to open,

to flow.

welcome to reinventing creative process.


i'm lauren samblanet and i began reinventing creative process because participants of the workshops i was offering shared with me how held they felt by those workshops.


in workshop, we sought to find trust in ourselves and pleasure in our practices. we named and felt our fears about creating. we meditated and danced and created together. we got curious about the dark and the light of making. and we began to heal, to change, to reinvent our processes.

i began reinventing creative process to expand and deepen your healing and my own healing, too.


reinventing creative process is a house with two big rooms. each one contains an offering, an opening to reinvent and heal our creative hearts.


will you let your curiosity guide you through the threshold of these doors with me?

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experiential, generative


intimate, transformative

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